One night the boy comes, the father comes the other night, save me … August 19, 2007 7:40 am

Thousands of people from Bangladesh go abroad.Many Bengali women go to Saudi Arabia for one of them.A Bengal woman is afraid of torture by different types.

Brother, save me. Take me away If not, I will die. One day the boy comes and one night the father comes. I can no longer stay. My blood is bloody. Save me, my brother, save me. "That's exactly how a woman was accused of torturing a Saudite on the cell phone and telling her about torture.

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The woman said this on the mobile conversation yesterday with an officer from the media section of the Breake's migration program. The woman said, "You are my brother, save me, night … One night the boy comes, the other night the father comes in. My knowledge goes to Boro, Halis went out in that place, the information goes out. Do not stay here, brother Let me save a little brother Take me a little brother [1 9659006] The woman said on cell phones that she had gone to Saudi Arabia four months ago to torture her because she started working as a housekeeper in a house.

From that house The woman said she did not have the opportunity to go to the police The woman on the cell said: & # 39; There is no call to go to the doctor Just give a I do not take Neeli to the doctor, I do not take Tewati. "

The woman who spoke full-time about the woman was speechless. He cried at one point and said: "Save me, brother. No, I can not move to Bangladesh. Take me away I work in Khaban in Bangladesh. I can not work alone, I can not work. My blood is on my legs. "

It is known that the woman is being tortured in Khulna's home.At April 3, Al-Minar Overseas (RL No.-1235) went to Saudi Arabia through a recruitment agency when she discussed this problem with her. The family members contacted the BRAC migration program and the organization asked the welfare administration of the non-resident care service on 25 July to bring him back with the necessary measures

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