Operator can now be changed nationally

Operator can be changed from now on

From Monday to the present, changing the number of complications is the opportunity to change the mobile operator. It is called Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service. But to get this opportunity, the customer must pay 50 rupees. VAT with more than 7:30 If an operator takes money for a sim change, the customer must specify this separately. However, from the operators who have been informed, they will give the new subscriber a free seam. No extra costs will be charged.

Telephony and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar said to Ittefaq: "It was a challenge for us. We have successfully addressed these challenges. Now people can take this service. & # 39;

All preparations for the MNP service have already been completed, said Managing Director Mabrur Hossain Ittefaq, Managing Director of Infocilon BD-Teletalk, who received the license from the MNP service. There is no problem now in any direction. Every mobile phone provider can use this service from Monday.

Although the MNP service was set to pay 30 rupees, it was later changed to 50 rupees, Mabur said. Operators who want to go to the operator must apply for the reimbursement. It will change its operators within 72 hours after application. To change the operator again, he has to wait 90 days.

The company's CEO, Mohammad Zulfiqar, told Ittefaq that since the operator changes the customer and his information goes to a new operator, the subscriber must withdraw the MNP SIM. Go to the customer service center that you want to go to the center and pay the SIM card. A customer needs a maximum of 5 minutes to get the SIM card and it is activated within a maximum of 72 hours.

MNP service is scheduled to start from August, but due to guidelines and network complexity, two months have been postponed. Many could not change the operator even after the number was not satisfied with the service that did not want to change the number change. If MNP is open, they will have the opportunity to go to another operator while the number remains correct. The government hopes that the operators will also try to improve their service quality.

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