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Passenger crossing doubled by Benapole International Checkpost on Eid for the last five days. Passport passengers traveled twice as often to meet family members, medical issues, business trips, shopping and traveling, according to the authorities. In addition, the Indian High Commission issued a visa to many Bangladeshis in the EID package for the development of trade and trade between Bangladesh and India. As a result, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on holiday Eid, about 12,000 passport-carrying travelers went to India with Benapole check post immigration.

On the Eid Day, on Wednesday morning, there was a check-in audience of passengers for the No-Manzil and Passenger Terminal of the Checkpoint of Benapole International. Due to the formalities of passports, passengers, customs officials and immigration police are struggling with frustration. BGB members also keep the line in order.

Meanwhile, there were thousands of women, children and men who were suffering in a long row under heavy sunshine and open air. Due to the slow pace, passengers have raised several complaints against the immigration authorities of both countries.

Amit Kumar Saha was working in Dhaka Wednesday morning when he went to immigration office with his friends in Benapole, saying he had a job with the government. So do not have time to wander around. I am going to India for a long vacation in Eid. There are a number of family members. This opportunity will be shown with them, will be wandered around. But I am online for 2 hours. I can not say when I have to run.

Jamil Hossain, resident of the Khilgaon area of ​​the capital, said he is suffering from various physical ailments. Go to India to see a good doctor. Because of the hustle and bustle of the work, it was not possible to get up for so long. With a short stay, this time in India we will receive treatment with this family. After finishing the treatment, he decided to visit some of the tourist attractions in India. He said that the passengers had to wait half an hour to complete the passport work because of the huge crowd of passengers.

Pradip Kumar from Mymensingh said he is going to India with his family. Benapole Immigration and Sonali Bank are working hours on their line after they have less manpower. Although passenger traffic increased, the manpower in these institutions does not increase. But the authorities have charged Tk 500 from the passenger and the terminals cargo from the port 45 Taka.

Note that international checkpoint Benapole Distance from Benapole to Kolkata only 84 kilometers In Benupole Petrapole check post, in short time and at low cost, Kolkata will go to different provinces of India. For this reason, two to two and a half thousand passports were made each day on the way to the passage of the road. But the number of Passport Passengers has increased several times on Eid holidays. In the last three days, 12 thousand passengers went to India with Benapole until Wednesday.

Benapole Check Post Immigration Officer (OC) Tariqul Islam said, there is no problem in our immigration. Officers working on 16 agencies are working hard on the issue of their suffering, despite increasing pressure from passport passengers. Eid travel to India is a little more than the pressure to travel to India. Immigration tries it sincerely, because passengers no longer want to suffer. The manpower of the police has been increased in immigration camps to improve passenger services.

Assistant commissioner of the Benapole Customs House Uttam Chakma said that the work on increasing manpower during the Eid holiday is to make passengers travel smoothly, at the checkpoint's checkpoint.

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