Report of the Digital Security Bill in parliament

Parliamentary Standing Committee for the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology has released the report from & # 39; Digital Security Bill -2018 & # 39; submitted to Parliament by Parliament. In this, the much-discussed section 32 has been preserved.

On Monday (September 17) the chairman of the parliamentary committee. Imran Ahmed presented the bill in parliament.

Section 32 (1) of the Accounts states: "If a person commits an offense under the official secrecy law or through a computer, digital device, computer network, digital network or other electronic instrument or helps, he will not be sentenced to more than 14 years in prison or more than 2.5 million Money will be punished with punishment or both.

In section 32 (2) it is said that if a person commits the second offense or repeats the offense mentioned in subsection 1, he or she will be punished with imprisonment for life imprisonment for a lifetime or a fine of at most one crea taka or both. "

There were objections to the much-discussed section of editors' associations Editors & # 39; Council, the Federal Federation of Journalists in Bangladesh (BFUJ) and all interested parties including private-owned organizations – Atco. They object on behalf of them against the 21st, 25, 28, 31, 32 and 43 of the Digital Security Act.

In the meantime, in accordance with Article 25 of the Act in subclause (a) has been said with regard to "false and intimidating, sending information, publication, etc., if a person deliberately or intentionally sends information that is invasive or intimidating or false. Information to be disclosed must include all information data sent, expressed or expressed by the intention to annoy, offend, disrupt or disturb a person, or (b) in the form of a partially distorted form , or in promoting or doing the work, despite the fact that, despite spreading confusion or misleading the image or reputation of the state, or misinterpreted by false propaganda or lie, Will be an insult. punishment of this offense is imposed for a maximum punishment of not less than 3 years or a fine of at most 3 lakh taka or both For the second time or repeated violation, a fine of up to five years and a fine of five lakh rupees or both are made. "

According to Section 21 of Bills: "If a person offers any form of propaganda and promotion against the father of national liberation war, national flag or national flag, or if he is supported by the liberation war of Bangladesh, the spirit of liberation war, national flag or national flag, then a similar action against that person is a criminal offense in Yeei, the penalty for this crime is imposed for a maximum of 10 years or a fine of no more than 3 lakh taka or both For the second time or again the offense sent to life imprisonment and a fine of one crore taka or both bars. & # 39;

Call 9 April, the Digital Security Bill-2018 & # 39 ;, which was discussed in the parliamentary, postal, telecommunications and information technology minister, Mustafa Jabbar, raised the issue. The bill was sent to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for consideration.

Bangladesh time: 2040 hours, 17 September 018

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