Shariatpur-tears and ahajari can be seen in Padma

The road to Nariya-Sureshwar was broken by the Padma in Shariatpur. Photo: NTV

Almost 200 meters of paved road in the adjacent area of ​​the Nariya-Sureshwar road of Shariatpur, near the mainfatganj bazar, was destroyed by the terrible eruption of the Padma. There were cracks at at least 25 to 30 locations in the bamboo area of ​​two kilometers. Road communication is completely separate.

In the past month, about 15,000 houses, houses, schools, mosque-madrasa & # 39; s and many valuable structures in Naria upazila have disappeared into the river. Every day, new areas are lost in the coral grass. Tuna and Ahazari are underway in the Padma.

A pucca mosque, a building with four floors and four other houses in the building, was destroyed by the Padma on Saturday at 21:00. People get lost everywhere.

Padmandi is only 200 meters away from Naria Market and Padmandi is only 50 meters from Mainfatganj Bazar. The mainfatganj bazar, Nariya Bazar and the health complex Nariah Upazila are at serious risk.

From Sunday morning to 3.30 pm, Nadia Upazila from East Nariya, Banshtala, Kedarpur, lying in the area, can be seen that the water of the Padma is flowing at high speed. After a little later, about 50 to 100 meters of area will be given in the Padma river. The local population rushes to the shelter in search of shelter. They try to move it elsewhere. Some people take the bus out of the house without taking up space. Many people cry in tears when they see the old man's family fall away in the river.

Monwara Begum, 60, from the village of Chor Jujira, sat in a kitchen with two children. His house was taken away by Padma and his house. Talk to him Monowara Begum said he could not find a hiding place while he was still staying in Padma. Sitting with her two grandchildren. The young woman, Nargis Akhter, has found a place to rent for the hiding place. Today he will have to hide somewhere else in this belt.

Monwara Begum & # 39; s husband Abdur Rab Hawlader died 30 years ago. Son Nurul Haque Hawladar died five years ago. The home of his granddaughter and his wife stayed behind in his granddaughter's house and it was his last refuge. Now they have also taken Padma away. The words were pronounced, Monaura Begum loudly said.

Mohsin Bepari (30), who was on the Padma River, was seen in the village of East Nariya. Quietly looks at the Padma. His eyes flowed from his eyes and his water flowed. Mohsin cries with a whispering voice. Talk to him.

Mohsin said with a tearful voice, 15 days ago their homes were dissolved in the riverbed. The house with five bighas of land was theirs. They do business with a loan of 12 lakh taka from the bank after pledging that country. The house has now disappeared into the river. They have found a shelter in a rented house. According to local sources, erosion of rivers in wide areas of Bilashpur and Kundarechhar union of Jajira upazila and the Charter of Kedarpur Moktar of Naria, according to local sources.

The same situation is now reported to the Padma river of Naria upazila. The Padma River has this year located three to four hundred meters to the south in the worst erosion. Three years ago, the Padma River was almost three kilometers south of the Nariya-Dhaka road. Due to the persistent erosion of three years, the Padma River has been located three kilometers to the south. In the last week Bansatola, Mulfatganj, Sadhur Bazar, Nahia upazila, more than 500 pucca houses, mosques and other establishments, business centers, bridge divers in the river have disappeared.

On Saturday afternoon the 100 meter long Padma river from Mulafhatganj goes from Nariya Bansatla to the womb. Around 9 pm, a mature mosque, three buildings and a four-story building were destroyed together in the river.

Earlier, because of the collapse of the river, the Padma River came to the Nariya-Sureshwar road and the traffic was blocked as a result of a crack in different places. There were cracks in at least 25 to 30 places on the road. As a result, the path of the bamboo goes to the mainfastganj market until it disappears at any time. This closed the entire communication with Nariya-Sureshwar Road. People of Padmapara are terrorized every moment.

Mosharraf Hunari of the Banshtala area of ​​Naria said that about 100 to 150 meters Naria-Sureshwar lay in the riverbed on Saturday afternoon. Three other buildings, including a four-storey building, were destroyed in the river overnight. The river has reached 500 meters south of the last one-month break. Now the river near the road, some parts of the road went to the river. We will have to deal with extreme suffering as a result of the closure of this road.

Sanjida Yasmin, officer of Naria Upazila, said there were cracks in some parts of Naria-Sureshwar Road. The road had been closed since Friday because of car traffic. On Saturday afternoon, part of the road has disappeared into the river. The people in the area will cover a varied route of about 4 kilometers. It is a matter of big obstacles to prevent erosion at the moment. Yet the water development board throws the Geo Textile Bag Balu Varti. [1 9659003] Shariatpur Water Development Board executive engineer Shafiqul Islam said that some parts of the Padma River Naria-Jazira have caused severe erosion. A project has been approved to prevent erosion. The project will be started in October-November. At this time, the refractory geotexty bag is dropped in some places to prevent erosion. Up to now, a million geobags have been omitted. In addition, a 50-meter long fir production was carried out.

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