Slowing down renewable energy for national reasons for three reasons

Slowing down renewable energy for three reasons

& # 39; Only 100 percent of the fuel requirement can be met using the power of the sun. There is air and water power. But the project is not approved in due course.

The image of the progress of renewable energy in the country is disappointing. Sun, wind or water – There is no great success in producing renewable energy. For this reason, the government and the entrepreneurs have a large share of the land shortage and the technical limitations. But the real crisis is in our upbringing and our behavior. Renewable energy generation projects are not implemented for three reasons. This is the lack of expertise in technical knowledge, political bias and corruption.

Experts at a seminar organized at the National Press Club on Saturday said this. & # 39; Overwhelming is one revolution in progress! Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA), the National Committee for Sundarbans and the Blue Planet Initiative (BPI) have jointly organized this program on the basis of 100 percent renewable energy.

Renewable energy expert Sajed Kamal said in the essay: "The future of renewable energy is the future of renewable energy." Now all countries of the world are moving forward. But the image of Bangladesh is not so rosy. Everyone is talking about the energy crisis. But there is nothing that is called the energy crisis. The crisis is in education and politics. Nature has a lot of fuel for our needs. Only the energy of the sun can be met by meeting the demand for energy. There is air and water power. But the project is not accepted in a suitable way.

Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed, founder of the World Sahitya Kendra, said that it would take more time to understand the renewable energy as a whole. It is a bit difficult to understand nationally for implementation. If you get a good direction, do this task. He said that the idea of ​​making money through fraud is strong in society. The same effect is also in renewable energy. If the interruption is stopped, our development path will be dynamic, along with renewable energy.

Lawyer Sultana Kamal, former adviser to the interim government, said in the speeches of the seminar that we can not establish discipline on the road because we can not stop corruption. Because of chasing a chaos, a dominant money is earning money. When the corruption is stopped, the discipline comes back. So they want to keep corruption and chaos alive. That is exactly what happens in renewable energy. He said there is a complexity in the production and maintenance of this fuel, but it is not that difficult. Having political will and promising public interest will lead to success in renewable energy.

Professor MM Akash of the Department of Economics at Dhaka University said that the use of coal would be limited as much as possible in the current economic situation in Bangladesh. However, coal can not be used in the Sunderbans area.

Badrul Imam, a professor of geology at the same university, said that about 6 million solar systems have been installed in the country. As a numerical figure, it is the highest in the world. But only 200 megawatts of electricity are produced from this. This is not rosy. 19 projects approved for grid-based solar power generation, but no one has yet been implemented. It's frustrating.

Sharif Jamil, Coordinator of Water Keepers Bangladesh, said that all projects have been divided into political consideration. They do not have the possibility to implement the project. So there is no progress. These prejudices, nepotism and corruption must be stopped. Among others, Professor Saiful Haque from the Renewable Energy Institute at Dhaka University, BAPA General Secretary Dr. Abdul Matin

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