"Soul power is still active, achievement will be destroyed when they come to power"

"The power of evil is still active, the achievement will end when they come to power"

Politicians will have to come to power by removing bureaucrats: Anwar Hossain Manju

Awami League presidium member, 14-party coordinator and Health Minister Mohammad Nasim said that the eleventh parliament Election is paramount, so the next four months are very important. Everyone must be careful and alert during this period. Because the malicious power of & # 39; 71 and & # 39; 75 is still active. If this evil power comes to power, our performance will be destroyed in the past ten years. To defeat the evil power, the forces of the liberation war, including the 14 parties, must be united. Because the last time they are, we also have the last time. On the occasion of the 43rd martyrdom anniversary of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the 14th anniversary of the national mourning day, he spoke as the lead guest at the commemoration meeting organized by the Institute for Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh-IDEB auditorium Kakrail on Saturday.

Mohammad Nasim said that the elections will be held according to the constitution. We're not going out. The issue of going is not an issue. Tell the BNP – why do you fear We want to win in the field of elections. The people in Bangladesh are at peace, the country is stable. People do not want to lose this peace and stability. People do not want to build corruption buildings. He also said, the issue of the election time government resolved. Why should I go to the uncontrolled concierge system? We can no longer afford to deliberately fall into the trap.

"Politicians have to regain power by removing bureaucrats," says Jatiya Party-JP President and Minister of Water Resources Anwar Hossain Manju: "If politicians are not political If you are a bachelor, you have a misunderstanding Politicians take the responsibility to rule the people's verdict Prison-oppressed and oppressed are also their victims But there is authority over bureaucrats – it is against politics This fundamental thinking needs to be clarified

JP President said our country has been liberated from time to time. "In almost all cases, the state is governed by the laws and regulations of the colonial period." We also give permission to politicians, it is a political and bureaucracy. Still, one book & # 39; unfinished revolution & # 39; wrote out of this perception.Therefore, the day the revolution will be kept in the hands of the politicians – the revolution will that day will be completed.

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JP & # 39; s presidiumlid AH Salahuddin Mahmud said, "There is no alternative to winning 14 games in the next election. " Party presidency member Ejaz Ahmed Mukta said that the force can strike again, be careful. Another member of the presidency, Ruhul Amin, said that Sheikh Hasina will also have to be PM in the future. Sadek Siddiqui, Executive Editor of JP & # 39; s Executive and JP, said that August has always caused our lives a disaster. The conspiracy was all there, still there. In order to overcome the conspiracies, 14 teams must be effectively strengthened. The meeting was also dealt with by 14 party leaders, secretary general of the party. Shahadat Hossain, Ganajadi League & # 39; s SK Shikder, Basad convener Rezaur Rashid Khan, acting general secretary of NAP-Mozaffar Ismail Hossain and Asit Kumar of the communist center. JP Presidium member Nazmun Nahar Baby, joint secretary general Khalilur Rahman Khalil, secretary general and secretary general M. Salahuddin Ahmed, deputy secretary general lawyer Enamul Islam Rubel, organizing secretary Abul Khair Siddiqui Abu, secretary general of youth Solidarity Nazrul Islam and municipal secretary Jivan Kishore Bairagi attended the meeting.
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