Special instructions for the Prime Minister's office to ensure road safety nationally

Special instructions for the Prime Minister's office to ensure road safety

In order to prevent traffic accidents and road safety in the shortest possible time, various authorities have received special instructions from the prime minister's office. It has been said in the direction that the doors of the car must be closed while running. Without a stop where the car can not be stopped there.

The decision was taken after a meeting of the & # 39; Governance Innovation Unit & # 39; in the prime minister's office on Thursday, after & # 39; Talk about the development of the traffic system in the city of Dhaka & # 39 ;. The meeting is chaired by Prime Minister-Secretary Md. Najibur Rahman. It was also decided to introduce automatic signals and remote-controlled automated electrical signaling system into the meeting.

More decisions were made in the meeting, requiring maintenance of name and driver's license number, mobile number, along with photo ?? s of driver and helper in both visible public places (especially the bus) Guarantee and ensure the implementation of it. All motorcyclists (up to two riders) must wear compulsory helmets and comply with traffic regulations.

All roads in the meeting, especially on all motorways (long bus lines) and passenger use of seatbelts and transport companies to seatbelts Provided guidance not to act according to the law against the offenders Desana provides. The police of BRTA and Dhaka were given the responsibility to implement these instructions for transport management on 20 August.

It was decided in the roadside meeting that on both sides of the places where there is a bridge or underpass, take effective steps to stop crossing the road over 100 meters and if necessary the law. to take to & # 39; Gratefully & # 39; or & # 39; free & # 39; To target Rati, respected citizens, Dhaka North and South City Corporation and the Dhaka Metropolitan Police were given responsibilities. In addition to ensuring the necessary cleanliness and safety of foot over bridges or underpasses, installation of necessary lights, CCTV cameras in the underpasses so that citizens are encouraged to use the facility smoothly and safely, the aforementioned organizations are in charge taking action for them. The meeting also decided to add zebra crossing and traffic sign to all roads of the city of Dhaka, free footpath hawk, eviction of illegal parking and installation of all roads including the names of the road.

Continue the progress of the traffic week as long as possible until the next instruction Take effective steps to introduce automatic electrical signaling and Dhaka city Controlled automatic electric signaling system imota allowing the height of the distributor of the road or the office to take action undertake in accordance with the decision at the meeting. Apart from the Mohakhali viaduct, the firmgate (up and down), permanent mobile court, at least two places, ensure the presence of law enforcement agencies and regularly check the condition and driving license of the vehicle on the basis of the choice and also for temporary work according to the requirement of the city in all places. In the meeting to ensure the presence of mobile court, law enforcement agencies, Siddha Sincerely you.

meeting is convened, the city of educational institutions and educational institutions in coordination with the launch on the eve of a holiday or a relative bayahjyestha students, scouts and students get support bienasisira cross the road initiatives. With this in mind, the Ministry of Education will provide the necessary guidance. With regard to fitness and the licensing of transport, it is said that, in order to take action against illegal transport and to provide a good condition, an effective mode of transport must be provided. In addition, the chances of speedy destruction of roads and non-fitness vehicles must be accelerated and the process of speeding up the licensing process must be accelerated.

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