Start with the production of a unit of the Barapukuria plant

Power station
Chief engineer Abdul Hakim Sarkar said he had 275 of the unit in the middle
A unit with megawatt capability was launched on Thursday at fourteen.

One million 46 of me
Barapukuria thermal power station on 22 June after stolen coal
Three units of the center closed.

At the power station
Two units of 125 MW and a unit of 275 MW with a total of 525 MW
Has the power to produce electricity.

Abdul Hakim bdnews24 said that the unit started 2800 tons of coal every day
If necessary, the mines are given from 2100 to 2000 tons. As the stock increases, the remaining two units become
Production will be started.

Barapukuria coal
After the 83 days of closure of the coal mine, the experiment on the night of 7 September
Coal is on the rise.

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