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Eighth-class student Kishore Imtiaz Hasan Mahin was killed at the mother and children's hospital in the Double Mooring police station in the city of Chittagong. This incident took place on Friday around 8.30 pm.

The deceased student of high school, Mahin Kalkakali. His father Mohammad Elias was a government official. Their house is in Hathazari of Chittagong. They live in a rented house in the area.

The police arrested Mohammed Shahed, the hitman. At the same time, the daggers that were used in the murders were recovered. The house of Shahhed outside of Chittagong He worked as a shop assistant. [1 9659002] Police station with double berth OC (investigation) Mohammad Zahir Uddin said before the mother and child hospital for a store that almost talked to friends. On Friday, Shahid was tormented by Shahid at a time when he was hit by a knife in a Mahin store.

Local people arrested Shahed at this time. When Mahin was seriously injured, the doctor on duty declared him dead after being taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

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