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Attorney General Mahbubey Alam, the State's Chief Law Officer, commented on the current quota system in government and semi-government jobs. A delegation of four members of the Public Prosecutor sent the written advice of the Attorney General to the Attorney General's office on Monday afternoon. The Attorney General gave his opinion on the two separate Supreme Court rulings to save 30 percent of the quota for freedom fighters there.

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam told reporters yesterday that my opinion had been taken over from the ministry. However, he did not agree with any opinion about what he said.

There are currently 30 percent freedom hunting quotas in government jobs. Apart from this, the district quota, the post-quota, the women's quota and the tribal quota system are in progress. Students protested for the reform of this quota system.
By 31 August they gave the ultimatum to the government to publish their newspaper in accordance with their requirements. With this in mind, the government has formed a seven-member committee under the leadership of the cabinet minister to review the quota system on 2 July. The committee decided to seek advice from the Attorney General of the State's Chief Law Officer regarding the Supreme Court's judgment on quotas. Then this letter was sent to the Attorney General's office last week. After receiving this letter, the Prosecutor General assesses the two judgments of the Supreme Court with regard to the quota for freedom fighters. Then a draft of his opinion was made. After drafting this concept yesterday, representatives of the Public Prosecution Service collected it in the afternoon and collected it in the afternoon.

According to the information received, in the department of food, Gazi Md. In 2010, after giving the task of corruption and irregularities to the food inspector, sub-inspector and assistant inspector because he had not followed 30% of the quota for freedom fighters. Seven jobseekers, including Shafiqul, submitted the petition. In the petition, the High Court issued the rule in that year. The Supreme Court ruled on February 12, 2012 after the last hearing on this rule. The writ writ writers were instructed to give jobs.

The verdict states that all government jobs must save the quota of freedom fighters. If it is not possible to refuel, the mail must be kept in order. The public prosecutor has given permission to appeal against the verdict to appeal to the department. At the end of the hearing, the section chamber handled the petition of the state and pronounced its verdict on 24 April 2014. The judgment states that if 30% of the quota for freedom fighters is not followed at the time of recruitment, the writers must be immediately appointed according to the High Court directive. Apart from this, 30 percent Freedom Fighter quota will remain in the service of the government.

Meanwhile, the petition was filed in 2012 to increase the retirement age of the freedom fighters in the job, additional director of the food department (now retired) Md. Jamal Uddin Shikdar. The court has filed a petition. The Supreme Court closed the hearing on the rule on 5 December 2012. At this stage, the freedom fighters are asked to save 30% quota in the case. The government appealed against the verdict. After the hearing on the petition, the Appeals Division passed the judgment on 31 August 2015. This verdict was asked to save the quota for freedom fighters. However, if the quota has not been completed, the judgment of the Supreme Court has been canceled to keep the non-portable parts empty.

It should be noted that Advocate General Mahbubey Alam said during the hearing that 30 percent freedom hunter quota was being followed in the job. The verdict of the previous judgment (the Gazi Md Shafiqul ruling on the petition) was mentioned.

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