The big challenge for the elections: Minister of Education –

Minister of Education
"Before the elections, by the false propaganda or the interrogation of the questionnaire about the test,
It can challenge the government, it is also a challenge for us. "

National supervision of Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Equal Examination-2011 in the secretariat
And the Minister of Education said this during the meeting of the order and order committee.

The parliamentary elections will take place in December. Earlier, from 1 to 18 November
No fewer than 2.6 million students will take part in JSC and JDC examinations.

He said: "Trying to perform the test fairly, even though the criminals have new methods
Looking We have been very heavy. "

To free them from fake, free from questions, peaceful, do what they have to do
He said he would.

Minister of Education with the help of 30 minutes before entry
He said, "I can not show leniency, we have to come first."

He urged everyone to be aware of what rumors are not spreading.

And criticism of the teachers, Nahid said: "so much deprivation of moral values ​​from the people of the country
Has asked questions about how to foul the student more than the pupil student
Can leak! "

The candidates will not be influenced at least 30 minutes before the start of the exams
And due to the inevitable reasons that have been postponed, the case must be considered flexible, according to secondary and higher education
Secretary of the Ministry said. Sohrab Hossain

Said, "can be leat because of inevitable reasons, if someone rents two or a minute, then she is
Names, roles and registrars must be kept in the book. If the same candidate is postponed for more than one day
If you do that, you must take action against him. & # 39;

At the meeting
Extra secretary of the department of Secondary and Higher Education. Mahmoud-ul Haq, Md. Javed Ahmed and
Nazmul Huq Khan and extra secretary of technical and Madrasah education department AKM Zakir
Hossain Bhuiyan was present.

In addition,
Cabinet division, public administration, police representatives, RAB and various intelligence services
Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Information and Information and Communication Technology
Officials took part in the meeting.

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