The festivities start in the train

On the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Azha, people who lived in the forest left their workshops with the capital Dhaka. Besides, many people have arranged tickets in advance to ensure a quiet journey. The train's train ticket started today because of the unexpected journey of the people in the dark world.

On Friday (17 August) the first train left at 5 am. This year's festivities started with the commuter train from Balaka.

It is known that on Friday 66 trains from different places in the country will be transferred to Dhaka. Of these, 31 are in the city and the rest are local and postal service.

On the other hand, no one can enter Kamlapur Station without a ticket. The ticket is entered inside the main entrance of the station and all people without ticketing are evacuated.

RAB, police, rail safety forces, members of the intelligence agency and members of the Ansar are in the station. Members of Rover Scout and Red Crescent Society work with passenger information. [1 9659002] Nasim, a passenger of the Sunderbans Express, said it was very good to see the general situation of the station. The situation is like the last day of the festival.

Station manager of Kamalapur Railway Station, Sitangshu Chakraborty said that on Friday 66 trains, including 31 intercity trains, would be left to different places in the country. In the meantime (6 hours) 6 trains from the Kamalapur station left. The remaining trains will also be released. [1 9659002] Sitangshu said that one lakh people will return home by train every day. At the same time he asked all passengers on the roof of the train not to buffer.

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