The leader of the leader of the Jubo League demands arrest of the roadblock!

Voice of Time, Nilphamari :: The tension prevailed in the headquarters of Jaldhaka at the headquarters of the mourning process that the local MP Golam Mostafa is a fake freedom fighter. Jubo League leader Abdul Wahed Bahadur blocked the 4-hour roadblock on Wednesday evening for supporters of Professor Golam Mostafa.

It is known that on August 15, around 10 am on Thursday, during the meeting, organized by the Upazila Sammilita Sangskritik Jote at Jaldhaka, local MP Golam Mustafa Jaldhaka Upazila Juba League's former President Abdul Wahed Bahadur and some from his staff MPs to freedom abuse of speech and refrain from discussing the day of mourning. During this time there was a case of blunder between the two parties. Supporters of MEP Golam Mustafa demanded the arrest of Bahadur by arresting Zero Point. Additional police and RAB were deployed under the supervision of additional Chief Inspector of the Police,

After 12 midnight, City Secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak, a member of the parliamentary constituency, Golam Mostafa, spoke on a cell phone after he and his supporters to the area Zero Point went When leaving the house, on Thursday morning, on the morning of Anirban Vidyathithi High School Yanare demands arrest of the leader of the zero point Bahadur is a human chain. MP Golam Mustafa filed a complaint with local journalists and said Jubo League leader Bahadur should be arrested for his assault.

Abdul Wahed Bahadur was accused of this issue and said: "If my leaders and activists drool, I will calm them down." Jaldhaka Police Station Officer-in-Charge, the situation is under control.

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