The minister said that the price of leather is about

Minister of Commerce, Tofail Ahmed, said: "The main reason behind the problem of skin is that the skin factories in Savar are not well established, the central waste processing plant there had not even started yet. Plot owners do not even have documents on land tenure The bank did not receive the loan.In short, because of these reasons, some complications arose.

Tofail Ahmed said this while answering a question from journalists after the exchange of greetings after the Eid-ul-Azha in the Ministry of Commerce at the Secretariat on Sunday.

In addition, the Minister also said that the government has no plans to export unprocessed leather. He said, because rough leather is exported when the leather industry of the country is destroyed.

Tofail Ahmed said: "The government will do everything in the development of this sector," said one of the five export sectors of leather is one of the sectors. The government is vigilant, so that such a potential sector is not destroyed in any way. "

During the Eid the buffalo and seasonal traders of the ordinary man of the para-mahalla of the capital bought the animal skin of the sacrifice. Later they brought this leather, in the temporary market of rough skin, at various places in the capital. Especially in science labels and dhakshwari benders tanneries and leather owners have bought leather from them.

This year, under the skin of the raw skin, the average price of the animal skin of the sacrifice was received by ordinary people. Many other Faria and seasonal traders also bought leather in different places and sold them against the losses. Seasonal traders complained that syndicated prices had been reduced. Again, the tannery owners of the Dhaka-bound syndicate have been killed due to price fluctuations.

Shaheen Ahmed, chairman of the Bangladesh Tanners Association, said Friday: "This is a para-mahal based syndicate, where you can see that political workers, social clubs-based organizations – they control skin prices at the area level. Buy 300 taka, what are the tanners doing here? & # 39;

Today the statement came from the Minister of Commerce of the Minister of Commerce.

BNP does not exist if it does not go to polls & # 39;

Member of the Awami League Advisory Board Tofail Ahmed said that if the GNP does not participate in the next parliamentary elections, the larger presence will be in a crisis. In the same way as in many countries of the world, the coming parliamentary elections according to the constitution will be held in Bangladesh. If the GNP does not participate in the elections, the existence will be in a crisis.

The minister said, according to the constitution, that the current government is responsible for the interim government. The election committee carries out the elections. But the session of the Parliament convened in September is probably the last session of this Parliament.

& # 39; The election is behind and only four months. Those who choose will be in the field. We are in the Awami League field. If there is no one in the field, we have nothing to do. & # 39;

Senior Awami League leader said: "People want to see Sheikh Hasina again in power for the development of the country, because Sheikh Hasina has brought Bangladesh to another type of altitude.

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