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The entertainment center Rangamati Kaptai has increased the tourist mass. Eid holiday on the occasion of holy Eid ul Azha. During this holiday, all people gathered in family centers in the Kaptai Entertainment Centers in Rangamati.

He came to Kaptai with the son of Chetak, from Baklia, Chittagong. Handsome Barua They talk to them in the panorama-ground restaurant, equipped with Wagon 41 BGB. They said, the long holiday of the Eid, so their arrival in the tourist town of Kaptai is to issue a clean and free file. Earlier he often came to Kaptai with his family. Each of the entertainment centers in Kaptai is their favorite.

It is said that it comes from Raozan Imran, Sharmin Akter from Ranggania, Shahabuddin, who came from Bahaddar hat in Chittagong. Everyone is fascinated by the management and the natural beauty of the various tourist centers of Kaptai.

With the closure of Eid al-Azhar for 5 days, like the other tourist center of the country, there are now mass & # 39; s entertainment preachers in various entertainment centers in Kaptai. In particular the Wagga Zoom Restaurant, the Baluchar Trophy Picnic Spot, the number of tourists in the Kaptai Lake Paradise Recreation Center, performed by the Navy of Bangladesh.

In addition, people who enjoy Eid holidays with Keparai Biplobi Picnic Spot, Kaptai Island Lake View Picnic Spot and Banasree Tourism Centers, organized by the military, enjoy vacation Eid.

Kaptai Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ruhul Amin said that thousands of tourists come every year to the Eid holiday in various Kaptai entertainment centers known as tourist cities. Law and order units have always followed the vigilance of tourists.

He also said that there is a problem of tourists from remote tourists who do not stay in good-quality residential hotels in Kaptai. He urged the tourism company to build a residential hotel in Kaptai.

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