Two motorcyclist killed in traffic accident in Motijheel

Two motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents in the Motijheel of the capital. The idea of ​​the police killed both passengers and passengers and passengers. This incident took place at 10:30 PM in the Toyota building of the Motijheel shopping area. Motijheel Thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) Omar Faruk said the victims would be about 30-35 years old.
Motijheel Police Station Inspector (operation) Monir Hossain Mollah said that they were both killed on the spot. One of them is called Alam Gazi. He had a helmet on his head. Another name is Ripon Shikdar. Some witnesses said they were killed during cargo transport. Someone says Coverward The corpse was sent to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital for autopsy. Earlier on Sunday, Rupnagar Police Sub-inspector Uttam Kumar died on Sunday as a result of a bus from Eagal Paribahan in Mirpur. The police said the Eagle Paribahan bus was taken four days ago by pushing a private car. It was better to get the confiscated bus office. The moment she brought him, she pushed her back. Belal has been arrested by the bus driver.

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