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The UEFA Nation & # 39; s League was not good at the start of the World Cup in England. Spain has started to beat Gareth Southgate in their own field Former World and Euro champions win 2-1 in Group A Group A match Saturday at the Wembley Stadium in London. Spain won the first Wembley ever after 1982. On the other hand, England lost in this field after 24 games. The last time they lost 3-2 in 2007 from Croatia. In 1982 won the first victory of Spain Marcos Alonso Pena. After 36 years, his son Marcos Alonso contributed his second victory. In the meantime, after the World Cup of Russia, the new chapter of Spanish football began under the leadership of Luis Enrique. England continued in the 11th minute of the match in a big attack. Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford scored the goal in the corner shot by Luke Shaw on the left. Spain has not suspended to give a counter-response At the thirteenth minute, Rodrigo, a bit ahead in the D-box, stepped back into the jatla and scored the equivalent foot in the right leg of the atletico Madrid midfielder Sual Niggs. In the 35th minute Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara's free-kick came into the ball and scored a penalty from the left to assist the forward Rodrigo of Valencia. Three minutes later the hosts could return to equality. But club midfielder Jesse Liegarde crossed the head of Rashford by dragging David De Gaya. At the beginning of the second half, the head of the opponent's carcass hit his head with a screwed head. After a short period of primary treatment, he was removed from the stretcher. Danny Rose replaced Tottenham Hotspur's supporter Rashford wasted an easy chance to level the score after 81 minutes. The shot he made in the D-box is against Gaya's legs. Then England sent the ball to the net in the seventh minute of the game. But before he took the ball, the referee fired Danny Welback's attempt to get the goalkeeper into the foul. On Sunday, Switzerland beat Ireland 6-0 in group A of group A of the A League. Bosnia-Herzegovina won 2-1 in Northern Ireland Group-3 Group B Finland won 1-0 in Group A & # 39; Group Group 2 in Hungary. Belarus defeated San Marino with 5-0 goals in Group II of the D & # 39; League At the end of next month, England will play the second game of the UEFA Nations League against Croatia. Previously, Lions played friendly games against Switzerland. Spain will give hospitality to Croatia tomorrow at home

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