& # 39; Asia Cup-goal champions & # 39;

The 14th edition of the Asia Cup will start this month. This year's screen will be screened in Dubai by matches in Bangladesh. Only in this tournament, Bangladesh has many sweet memories of the final. But this time the goal of Tigers is to become a champion – said the wicketkeeper batsman Mohammad Mithun.

He said: & # 39; Our case is actually dependent on the Momentum. If we get good starts and are confident as a team and if you can make the first step, then it is better. Cricket is a game of a day. The result for those who become better will come. So we have to try to have more Momentum and play the best cricket. "

"I am certainly hopeful, because in a different format, in ODI, Bangladesh is a good team, Bangladesh has been doing well over the past four years, if we can contribute to the juniors working with senior cricketers, then I think it would be good The main goal of being a champion in the tournament is actually ours, but it's important to have crossed the first step If we can contribute to those who play with senior cricketers, think I can easily go to the second round. "

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