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Bangladesh has played twice in cricket for Asia Cup in the last 13 years. Bangladesh had to burn twice in the frustration of not winning trophies. Bangladesh becomes the main target of Bangladesh in the 14th Asia Cup, which starts in the United Arab Emirates on 15 September. National team cricketer Mohammad Mithun said that if the juniors perform with senior players, they can easily cross the group stage. But the wicketkeeper batsman said that for this reason he will have to play his best cricket.

Cricketer of the day came yesterday morning past the gym and the skill session of the Mirpur Stadium. Mithun expressed his optimism about the Asia Cup in Bangladesh in the afternoon of the training. He was dropped from the team after the one-day series of the tri-series in January last year. The cricketer has returned to the ODI squadron after the Asia Cup.

In his hopes for the Asia Cup, Mithun said: "I am certainly hopeful, because in another format, in ODI, Bangladesh is good enough, especially in the last four years Bangladesh is doing well.

According to Mithun, if the juniors contribute to the seniors, it will not be difficult to go for the Super phase after the group stage. He said: "If we can make a contribution to the juniors who work with senior cricketers, then I think it would be good." In fact, the main goal of the tournament is to be a champion, but it is important to The first step has been crossed, if we can contribute to those who play with senior cricketers, I think I can easily go to the second round. "

Mithun sees the opportunity to do well in the tournament if he can keep pace as a consistency and a team. The 27-year-old cricketer said: "The issue of Bangladesh is actually dependent on the rhythm.If we get good starts and as a team have a confidence and if we can take the first step well, then it will be good. a game of a day, the result for those who get better will come, so we'll definitely try to have more rhythm and play the best cricket. "

Although the skill began, the team discussions with the Asia Cup did not start yet as the Bangladesh team. Head trainer Steve Rhodesy runs the practice. Mithun said there was no detailed discussion with the coach, & # 39; the first training today (yesterday) after the announcement of the team. We have already started with the practice. So far he was not with his (Rhodes). & # 39;

Mithun has played three ODIs in the past four years. The team could not move. He wants to take a place in the ODI squadron. Yesterday said: "The main goal is to do something for the team or to create a place in the team, but sometimes it never happens, human life does not always go somewhere, not all efforts will be successful. . & # 39;

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