& # 39; Nobody can stop Anderson if he breaks my record & # 39;

Sports Desk: James Anderson becomes the most successful fast bowler in the test history when he gets 7 wickets. The Glenn McGrath, who now holds the record, says Anderson will break the record and nobody will overtake him.

Australian Great McGrath has taken 563 wickets before retiring in 2007. Anderson's wicket is now 557. McGrath remembers that Anderson will be overwhelmed by the fourth test of England-India, which starts Thursday in Southampton.

McGrath said in the column in the British Daily Daily Mail: "I have a lot of respect for Anderson, Good luck for her, I believe he would never give up if he ever covered me.

I am proud that I have lost the album to Anderson, & The Pigeon & # 39 ;, # The record is fantastic and I am taking more than many wickets than other fast bowlers. But there is someone to catch up on these records and I am also proud of Anderson when he can surpass me. Because we have to stay in the trade union as a fast bowler, why not leave the country. "

McGrath explains why no one else can pay Anderson. "It would be interesting to see where Jimmy stopped when he left me and nowadays I believe that the type of game and Twenty20 cricket can not be suppressed by a fast bowler."

There's no doubt about Anderson's class, the former Australian pacemaker, "I've always said that Jimmy is a great bowler. In my last test series I played against him. He can swing the ball on both sides. It's an art Not everyone can do it I can only talk about Wasim Akram, one of the best cricket. He could do very well. & # 39;

Anderson is now 36 years old Although he felt 32 years old. Two weeks before the eighties, the highest score was achieved as an English bowler. And England coach Trevor Billis feels, Anderson plays for 40 years. McGrath has some doubts about this.

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