Bangladesh against Bangladesh!

6 in India, 5 exhibition games feel in vain! The weak Kazakhstan scored 6-1 goals and before that, the usual Oman 2-1, Team Asia put some trust in Asiad hockey. That was a passing moment, that meant mighty Malaysia. In the third game, Bangladesh defeated Malaysia 7-0 in the World Cup. After many such things, there was also a small surprise in the Bangladesh team. This result was not expected at all. It was the idea that the battle would be a harassea. But in reality all images have changed. Great rate Shame
Lal Sabuj's last encounter with Malaysia In 2017, World Cup round-tie on home soil. The hosts defeated the services with 3-0 goals. But this time 7-0 It has been a little bit more that it will be so.
Govinathan Krishnamurthy, the Malaysian coach, Lal Sabujad, is not in the mood to accept that hockey in Bangladesh is appropriate. Even after the high pace, he said: & # 39; The boys tried but could not. They were stuck in speed, skills and endurance, but they were not afraid. They were attacked after measuring the target. There was never a whole defense. Earlier they could not think of an attack. Team Bangladesh has overcome the fear of playing 11 exhibition games. More improvements needed. "He said," The progress will not happen suddenly. Move slowly forward. Must last a minimum of five years. For starters, young people from lesser beginners. Only then will the road be smooth.
There is no room for Bangladesh to remain top. So Farhad Hossain Shitul Bahini attacked Thailand in the next game. Bangladesh fights for at least 5 -6th place if they win against them. Bangladesh is now running over the target. 5-6 places are hugely found, Jimmy-Choices. The selection of four Asian games can also be picked up by a junkie in the national team jersey.
Yesterday only four attacks against Malaysia were made by the disciples of Gobinathana. It was always busy to protect themselves. The coach became enthusiastic several times. At one point he also threw his palm.
But the reason for the coach's wrath was revealed. Because of the way he taught, the players did not have it in the field. If you pass on the drawings, it is not that shaky. But he did not seem to be unhappy. Although they were able to retain a little in the first quarter, 3 targets had to be digested in the second quarter, 3 more in the third quarter and 1 goal in the last quarter. Two PCs of seven goals, four field goals and one region. Goalkeeper Nippon could have scored three goals if he could not resist the great skill.

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