Bashundhara Kings in the World Cup game Costa Rican

Bashundhara Kings attracts high-quality players from home and abroad to bring former players back to domestic football and to confront frustrated football supporters. Several foreign players have already been brought in, but they are now looking forward to joining the professional competition in this team, the Costa Rican forwarding Danielle Collinders, who participated in the World Championship in Russia.

Domestic football in Bangladesh has no foreign players. But the players who play in the World Cup, Even now players are rare in the national competition of this country. Compared to that, with the fresh experience of the World Cup game for Costa Rica, Collindres is quite young Bashundhara Kings completed the deal with him It is about to reach Dhaka on Wednesday (September 12).

Bashundhara Kings & # 39; President Imrul Hasan said of the arrival of Collindrase's team: "In our lagging football there will be foreigners who come in the field of tourists." We have taken the initiative to let foreigners differentiate between races Our players will also improve if they play with high quality players, so we liked the World Cup Collapse game.

Costa Rica's Collindress photo: Neymar's attack on New Jersey in 2015 in the US.

Collindress has played 12 international matches since joining Costa Rica in 2011. The winger played two games for Costa Rica in the last World Cup in Russia. The footballer who played the Futsal played the last of the Deportivo Propresa. He is currently on a tour through Japan with the team.

The Spanish coach Oscar Brajone of the club thinks about playing against the left wing for the national team, but he also thinks of playing as an attacker in Bashundhara Kings. The newly appointed coach of Bashundhara Kings wants to play in the middle of the attack, mainly because of his 5 foot 11 inches high goal.

In fact, the 41-year old coach Oscar Bruzone has already started practicing under Bashundhara Kings. On Wednesday (September 5) the Training Ground of Bashundhara Kings Football Club, the head coach of the team for the first time, the head coach Oscar Brajone.

The footballers of Bashundhara King are working under the new Bruceone coach - Photo:

Bashundhara Kings General Secretary Minhajul Islam Minhaj said that Bashundhara Kings will also bring the country's footballers alongside the Premier League of Bangladesh, as well as experienced foreign footballers.

Players for the Haiti national team will join the Kelwon Belfort training, the Afghan star Maashah, Cameron's Kavavaner and footballers on the first day. From the foreigners, the end of the test begins with the selection of the main exercises. Some football players who have played in the clear national team championship must also become members of Bashundhara Kings.

Bangladesh time: 2205 hours, September, 2018

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