Cheteshwar Pujara dazzles with a century when India gets the upper hand on Day 1 of Southampton Test

Cheteshwar Pujara was taught to worship – his mother Rina Poojara. The goal was to keep the child's mind calm. Occasionally the mother always said that we only play after Puja Cricket.

Rina is not in Pujara and this world. When his fight against cancer ended, his son was 17 years old. Only five days later he plays for the Under-19 match for Saurashtra. There is no such thing as losing the mother, there is no other way to go to the cricket field. Arvind Puja, the newly lost woman, forced the boy to play. Since then he has gone to the double role of parents.

He got up in the morning and prepared breakfast as a mother and sent him to school. After returning from school, he took him from the Cricket Coaching Center. The ball is practiced day after day. And in that practice Kapilook never gave a sloppy shot without batting. Arvind Pujara, who believes in strict adherence, has made his son's cricket a discipline and perseverance. To take the boy's big cricketer, he went to Mumbai. There play home from renting a small money.

Pappara hit the field of Hampshire and this was reflected in the education of his parents. The patience and meditation of Puja Prayer taught by the mother on the one hand. Twilight, which does not take a toll even after barking. The first time the Ben Stokes bouncer took place, many were afraid. After the death of Phil Hughes, this means creating panic to panic. Even the bowler Stokes came and put his hand on Puja's shoulder and looked, right or wrong. Captain Joe Root started talking. The Fiji team from India came running out of the locker room. The twilight is on for almost ten minutes. The swelling on the forehead was visible in the press box TV. Pujara did not leave the field yet. And after eating that water, the helmet changed and stood in the club again, from the end to the end.

As time went by, her father not only taught her mother, but also discipline and perseverance. Earlier, 92 runs partnership for the fourth wicket with Virat Kohli. After losing two openers in 50 runs, the start of the opposition. In this generation, hitting with Kohli means hitting with Sachin Tendulkar. Rahul Dravid once said: "To be able to hit Sachin, I had to keep in mind, do not let me run out, the gallery listens to the spot all day long, then there's always a chance of comparison."

Of course the same goes to Pujara's head. The history of his own shortage! Stand in the fold, when you see the captain of the team coming out of the dressing room and come out to braid, with bodyguards. Twenty-one with so & # 39; s superstar!

Pujara, like modern batsmen, is not so, to win the heart of the battle. On the contrary, there is an impression of the old doctrine which, by decorating the stones one by one, will make the house of Shakakupa. The victory of the old test-batting doctrine lies in the field of Hampshire. Sometimes the defeat of the speed of the rabbit and the concentration and the hard-fought attitude of the turtle!

142-2 was India. Kohli and Pujara grabbed the game. Kohli has completed six thousand runs in Tests. Only Sunil Gausaskar has reached six thousand stations for him. Play all the strokes of the game. Stewart Broad, a second blow Just put the bat over the ball. There was such a nice timing that the ball immediately hit the ball with the speed of the ball and the boundaries went. Some commentators say that Sachin Tendulkar has four such & # 39; jabs & # 39; would have seen.

Sam Karen stimulated the turmoil in India with bat. The ball picked up the rare victim. Left elephant medium pacer forced to take the catch to Kohli. Kohli got 46 runs in 71 balls. And then the Indian battle began to break like a Tasnya house. From 142-3 it was 195-8. What is the out-of-the-box expression of a person! No one gave away the catches to the reverse swip and someone gave up the catch! Rashabh method batting was not understood. 0 to 29! But he is an aggressive batsman!

Hence, Pujara added 78 runs with Ishant Sharma and Yashpreet Bumra for the final two hitters. Ishant took the ninth wicket with 32 Bumara was played one hour after the last wicket and added 46 runs. When India 's innings ended when Bumara was caught on the slip, Pujara' s fight yielded 27 points. After 355 minutes 132 do not return from Pujara to the fold, they stand upright in the veranda of the dressing room and clap them, the whole team including captain Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri. In the Edgbaston test, three openers were dropped, leaving the deepest view of the day!

Four years ago Moin Ali broke India's six wickets with Moin Ali. Kohlir India also pumps his offscreen Today took five wickets At one time he was also in the face of hat trick. In the second inning of England, Kohli delivered the first to Ashwin. The batsmen beat three overs for 6 without a wicket. There are still 21 runs behind Pujara gave the oxygen cylinder forwards to keep the series alive. Bumara and stubborn vortex bounce hard antibiotics right now!


England 246 and 6-0

India 273

India (first innings)

Shikhar Dhawan k Buttler b Breed 23

K.L. Rahul lbw b Broad 19

Cheteshwar Pujara Nos 132

Virat Kohli Cook Bow Karen 46

LBW Bow Stokes 11 at Rahane

Rishabh method lbw b Moin 0

Hardik Pandya k root Bo Moin 4

And Ashwin Boin 1

Mohammed Shami b Moin 0

Ishant Sharma K Cook Bowe 14

Jaspreet Bumra c Cook b Broad 6

Extra 17

Total 273

Fall: 1-37 (Rahul, 7.2), 2-50 (Dhawan, 17.5) 3-142 (Great 41.1), 4-161 (Rahane, 46.5), 5-181 (Pantha, 56.3, 6-189 (Hartik, 58.3), 7-195 (Ashwin, 60.5), 8-195 (Shami, 60.6), 9-27 (Ishant, 70.6), 10 -273 (Boomara, 84.5).

Bowling: James Anderson 18-2-50-0, Stuart Broad 18.5-5-63-3, Sam Karen 16-4-41-1, Keithon Jennings 2-0-4-0, Adil Rashid 7-0- 19- 0, Moin Ali 16-1-63-5, Ben Stokes 7-1-23-1

England (second inning)

Alastair Cook Naho 2

Keaton Jennings No A4

A total of 6-0

Bowling: Ashwin 2-1-1-0, Yashpreet Bumara with 2-0-5-0.

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