Embarrassed Kaiser Hamid Shankammal

(Priy.com) Kaiser Hamid, a bright star of football from Bangladesh, suddenly became ill and admitted to the hospital. Now his physical condition is better than ever. On August 18, the 54-year-old former defender of the 54-year-old leaves the hospital.

On 17 August, Kaiser Hamid was admitted to the Ayesha Memorial Hospital in Mohakhali on Friday when he felt pain in his stomach and chest. There he was examined in Sissy.

Social media has said on his Facebook page that he is in physical condition and has himself been admitted to hospital Kaiser Hamid. The star soccer player, who sought the blessings of all fans in the 1980s,

Desperate footballer Kaiser Hamid wrote in the Facebook post: "Now you feel better than ever. I hope we can return home tomorrow. Everyone will pray for me. & # 39;

Kaiser Hamid in the hospital. Photo: Facebook

In the eighties the football championship spanned the gold medal in the traditional Mohammedan Sporting Club. He was a member of the Mohammedan team that won the league champions in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1993 and 1996. The captain of the white-black jerseys was in 1989-1990.

Kaiser Hamid, the guardian of the defense, also led the national football team. In 1989, the president of Bangladesh, Goldkapay Lal, and in 1993 the captain of the elite defender of Bangladesh. Apart from the Kolkata League, From 1987 to 1991 he received the sweater from Kolkata Mohammedan.

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