Finally, Ashraful opened his mouth to return to the national team

Moralaniuja24kama. August 21, 2012 12:22

Former BCCI Anti Corruption Tribunal banned Ashraful for 8 years and fined Tk 10 lakh for match-fixing and spot-fixing in the 2013 match. Former captain Mohammad Ashraful was banned from competitive cricket for 5 years due to match-fixing in BPL. His sentence ended last Monday. From now on the rumor starts to return to the national team, the youngest of the Test Centuries.

But at the moment there is no place in the national team Ashraful That is because he is not with a level of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Ashraful is not in the condition of the BCB, the HP and this team. Ashraful himself believes that there is currently no place in the national team. He will not get a chance in the national team.

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Ashraful said, "I do not want to return to the team, if the game was there, there was a possibility to join the team, would you like to do something special for the cricket season, I want to go back to the team after running in the time, when we return to the team, I want to stay long. & # 39;

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) will play in the field early next year. Ashraful wants to follow the discussion of the national team after performing aesthetic performance in a part of the competition of this country. He said, "BPL is a big platform, there's a big deal out there, and if you get the chance to play and play in the BPL, you can easily return to the national team."

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