Football match between Bangladesh and Pakistan today sport

The fight for football from Bangladesh and Pakistan today

Seven years ago Bangladesh and Pakistan stood for a football match in Dhaka & # 39; s Bangabandhu Stadium. Bangladesh defeated Pakistan 3-0 goals in the pre-World Cup football competition. Bangladesh has won the game against Pakistan, so far 17 times, Bangladesh has won seven times. The draw is 5 matches In 2013, Bangladesh Bangladesh beat 1-2 in the game. If Bangladesh can beat Pakistan in today's football game, they will get the semi-final tickets. And if the draw is drawn, the chance does not end. But when Bangladesh loses, Bangladesh goes to the edge of the Khadar. The departure time of the group can also be played.

Jamie Dey, Bangladesh's coach, was asked: what can Bangladesh lose? He asked a counter question: & # 39; How? Explain to me. "He replied:" It can not be that way. Think of the positive aspects that lie ahead of you. & # 39; One thing is clear when talking about Jamie Dey's party in Bangladesh about the team in the lobby of the hotel. The tough team today for Bangladesh Before saying that the clear championship started, Jamie Day The coach saw the reality of seeing the fight of Nepal and Pakistan in the afternoon of the opening day. Before we watched Bengal game against Bhutan, those who followed the fighting of Pakistan and Nepal in the Bangabandhu Stadium, many have calculated that the football players of Bangladesh are backward in many ways. The footballers of Pakistan are much bigger than the footballers of Bangladesh. Coach Jamie Dee acknowledged that the Pakistani futbolars are strong enough. Said: "Pakistani defenders are playing in Europe, they are tall and large, and physically they are much ahead." Pakistan was far away from international football. Three years of international football did not play. There was a ban on FIFA, there was a quarrel between them. After all, they started their journey in international football. The Brazilian coach José António, who was also called by the players who came from the country, brought in the team. Pakistan won 2-1 in the first game against Nepal in Safai. For this reason, Jamie Dey, Bangladesh's coach, said: "There will be a tough fight against Pakistan."

In the first game of Safai, Bangladesh did not practice yesterday to lose Bhutan 2-0. The coach, who had to go to the Kamalapur stadium at 16.00, canceled the coach at 12.00. All players who did not play against Bhutan were sent to the hotel pool and to the gym in the afternoon, all players to the gym For the soft green heating. Some football players have slight pain. Jamie said: & # 39; This is the day after the game. Neck pain, pain here. I will decide who is in the top eleven. If everyone is fit, those who have played against Bhutan will play. "According to coach, Jamal Bhuiyan told the captain against Pakistan.

Pakistani coach José Antonio said after the training on the field of Dhanmondi Sheikh Jamal, Bangladesh: "If the opposition lies in front of us Bangladesh The house of the house, the visitors of the house, it is an extra advantage for the Bangladesh. Nepal has improved our mental strength, but I do not want to say anything about the strategy of the competition. & # 39;

The play today: Nepal against Bhutan and Bangladesh against Pakistan. In the Bangabandhu Stadium at 16:00 and 19:00

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