India needs one wicket to win

India is on the threshold of victory & # 39; Virat Kohli needs only one wicket. At the end of the day on Tuesday, England scored 311 runs for 9 wickets in the second innings. They still need 210 runs to win. That is kind of impossible. But Adil Rashid beat the couple of Stuart Broad and James Anderson on the ninth and tenth of wickets. Basically because of his fight, the match was made on the fifth day. Rashid 30 and Anderson 8 are in the fold

Jos Buttler, with Ben Stokes on the fifth wicket, went the way to winning the 169-run collaboration with teammate Tim Southee. Kalgham ran out of the Indian bowling players to break this cooperation. The strategy of Virat Kohli did not work. The captain of India looked forward with hope to the new ball. After eighty about, Kohli handed a new ball to the bowler and handed it to Bumrah. The result is to immediately agree. At the second delivery of the second Bumrah was appointed by Bumrah as LBW. After the referee was handed out, Butler did not do the work, even after the assessment. Buteller scored 106 points on 21 balls with 176 balls. After the finger injury Johnny Bairstow (0) started. But first he left the field with a courageous episode in Duminy. In the second inning, Chris Woakes (0) was the fourth victim of Boomerah. Ben Stokes & # 39; resistance to collapse of pressure. Rohit Pandey, 62, was captured by Lokesh Pandey in the hands of Kohli in the area of ​​joy and joy. But Adil Rashid and Stuart Broad added 50 runs for the ninth wicket to force Indian bowlers to sweat again. Although Bukhara was caught by Rashid on two panties in the brief. He survived because there was no ball. Broad was out for 20 points and in the innings, he closed five wickets.

But Jaspreet Bumrah, the wicket-keeper Rishabh Pantha, could catch Butler's catch if the team that triumphed in the third test did not last that long. Buttler then hit on one point. Butler was forced to play in Durham delivery of Bumrahah, the fourth in the 27th over. The ball went to the first slip by touching the bat. The wicket-keeper was not in place. Somewhat pushed aside. Although the body was hastily thrown to the right, the ball did not reach. The ball goes into the hands of Rishav. Captain Kohli was compromised

When Batallah came back to life, he hit with great force. After lunch, he played an entire Indian bowling session. Ben Stokes, who struggled with his shoulder. Butler completed his first century in 152 Test Career.

On the fourth day, England started with 23 points without any wicket. Both openers Alastair Cook and Queeten Jennings were unbeaten at 13. But England did not start well. In the first time, Keetton Jennings (13) was captured by wicket-keeper Rishav Pantha in paceman Ishant Sharma. Although Alistair Cook started well, he was out for 17 runs from Ishant, who was caught by Lokesh Rahul in the slip off the field. England collapsed in Captain Joe Root and Oliver Pope tried to offer some resistance. But Jaspreet Bumhara said that Lokesh Rahul slid more and more obstacles into the slip. Root scored 13 points. Virat Kohli, caught by Oliver Pope (16) caught on the slip England scored 6 for 4 wickets. Indian supporters started winning countdown But England did not think Butler-Stokes would return to the fight in such a way that it could beat them.

Fourth day score: India 329 in the first innings
 England 161 In the second inning, India 352/7 (DR)
 England cook K Rahul Bis Ishant 17, Jennings & # 39; s Boh Ishant 13, Roots Rahul Treerah 13, Pope K Kohli Boha Sammy 16, Stokes K Rahul Bondia 62, Butler LBW Bow Boomrah 106, Beyesto Bow Boomara 0, Oakes B Baumrah 4, Rashid Batting 30, Broad K Rahul Boomara 20, Anderson Batting 8, Extra 22, Total 9 2 wickets in 10 overs total 311.
Fall of wickets: 27-1, 32-2, 62-3, 62-4, 235-5, 231-6, 241-7, 241-8, 291-9.
Bowling: Bumrah 29-8-85-5, Ishant 20-4-70-2, Ashwin 22-8-40-0, Sami 18-3-76-1, Pandya 13-4-22-1.

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