India returns to Bangladesh & # 39; Smriti & # 39;

Rahul (second from the left), Pandya (from left to third) and Pant (right) everyone recorded the name in the record book. Photo: AFP Trent Bridge tests were all skeptical about batsmen in the match-before analysis, but it's about Indian batsmen How to deal with seam and swing, the tourists are talking about it, but unlike that, where India scored 329 points , the hosts group walked all-out 161 points In the second inning, India's lead in Leeds was 292 points with eight wickets in hand.

Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings, but have started well. The duo has added 54 points in 12 overs. But then England collapsed in turns to add 107 runs in 158 balls, the hosts have lost 10 wickets England lost the first of its lowest total against India. It is the fourth lowest ball record in its history. The way England does that is against Bangladesh.

England ran in style with a target of 273 in the second test in Dhaka in 2016. The opening pair came in 100 runs Mehedi Hasan Miraj, Ben Datta started banging under collapse. England ended up adding 64 points for the loss of 134 points. Bangladesh won a victory of 108 points in one session

There were many such records in the heart of the Handicap Pandeya, when England was completely out for 161 in a spell of spin. Pandey got 5 wickets in 28 balls with 6 celebrating. His wickets, however, came in 29 balls. For India, the record for only 5 wickets is only one. In 2006 Harbhajan Singh took only 27 balls to get 5 wickets against West Indies in Jamaica.

Many cricket analysts are hesitant about Rishabh's debut. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of this left-handed batsman, but the gloves behind the wicket are doubtful, how it is suspected. That India has made such a one-day debut, something that an Indian wicketkeeper could not do before. Pont has done 5 catches. There was no record of debutant 5 catches in India. Only two in the history of cricket before the end of the pen did this. Both are Australian, Brian Tauber and John McLinn.

Shikhar Dhawan and Lokesh Rahul scored 60 runs in two innings. In England, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand, that is the catch of Paesbandhabad wicket parents, India's opening couple in the final two innings, the last 50-year event is 32 years old. In 1986 Sunil Gavaskar and Krishnamachari Srikanth scored 53 and 58 in Edgbaston in 1986.

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