Ireland was not for the Afghans

Afghanistan, which beat Ireland with 29 points in the first ODI of the series with three games, Afghans won the series 1-0
Ireland won the pitch and opted to be the first in Belfast last night. Afganistan got 227 points in 9 overs for 9 wickets in 50 overs. The Gulbadin Naib summit scored 64 in the number three position. Moreover, Hasmatullah Shaidi scored 54 and Rahmat Shah 29. Irish Tim Murtagh took 4 wickets for 31 runs.
Ireland won the pitch and chose to strike first, Ireland was taken for 198 in its second inning. Andy Balbrani, who came in at number three, scored 55 points from 82 balls, but could not avoid the team ratio. Mohammad Nabi-Rashid Khan and Aftab Alam each took two wickets for Afghanistan.
The second one-day series will be held in the same room tomorrow.

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