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Juventus won but Ronaldo did not score any goals

Online desk. Cristiano Ronaldo awaits the return He did not get the goal yet when he joined Real Madrid in the club Juventus of Italy.

He played two games in the Italian Syriac League but could not add goals to his name. He could not hit a ball in the open post on Saturday against Lashio. But a goal helped. Ronaldo did not score a goal, but Juventus lost Laszio 2-0.

Tourean & # 39; s Old Ladies scored 6 points in both games while playing two games. Seven consecutive league titles, Juventus has started fighting for his eighth title win.

Ronaldo had to wait 30 minutes on Saturday to reach the goal against Lászio, and Manzucci At the end of the 30 minutes, the Bosnian star Miralem Pijanić brought the team forward. After finishing the first half of the game, the Turin club started with a flying start.

After the break, in the 75th minute, the goal was doubled by Mario Manzoucchich. Ronaldo helped him to score The Portuguese Prime Minister Yuvraj Singh missed the chance of a guaranteed goal in 71 minutes. The long waiting time for Juventus to make his first goal has been extended.

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