Kabaddi team wins second victory in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka did not want to be a tough opponent in the Kabaddi. But Bangladesh's victory over Sri Lanka, the weakest opponent came in 29-25 points. The red-green jerseys won the second victory in Kabaddi, the Asian Games.

Herenteam hopes to win a medal in Sri Lanka on Tuesday (August 21) in Medina Kabaddi. But Zakir-Masud had to sweat a lot of sweat to win.

Bangladesh Kabaddi team lost to Bangladesh in the next game by defeating Thailand with a narrow margin of 50-21 points against India.

On Wednesday (August 22) the strongest South Korea of ​​Bangladesh, which lost India 24-23 points.

Meanwhile, the women's team of Bangladesh returns to the country without making a profit in the Kabaddi. The Kabaddi team of the ladies lost 43-22 points in the first game of Chinese Taipei, 47-19 points for Iran in the second game and 51-25 points for South Korea.

However, the kabaddi team of women won the bronze medal in the Asian Games of 2010 and 2014.

Bangladesh Time: Hours of 2010, August 21, 2018

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