Kohli & # 39; s incredible celebrity!

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Kohli & # 39; s incredible celebrity!

Star cricketer Virat Kohli is one of the current times. But the world was not well matched. One thing for the critics, I have seen myself proven in the ground in England. Or to answer that challenge, if the team was on fire for the second time, Captain of India Career's 22nd Test Century lifted in the first test Then a little went away in the second test. But the Trent Bridge came again and again. So far, 440 runs in the series. And the rest of the two tests. It will tell you where this run should be performed. But in the meantime, the 29-year-old cricketer has recognized his own identity.

India scored 521 points against England on Trent Bridge To win this test, the group Joe Root will throw the mountain. It is very unlikely. But in the first two Tests, the incredible turnaround of India after the worst defeat. In the core of his two at bat innings Kohli Kohli In addition, Hardik Pandya and Ajinka Rahan also contributed.

Kohli could have been in Trent Bridge for two centuries, Kohli could have scored Kohli scored a 150-run partnership with Rahane in the first innings. But he was caught by Ben Stokes as he increased the personal 97 runs of Adil Rashid. It is a very rare scene to get Kohli from Nervous nineteen. Because he has the fame to change a century into a hundred, he has the reputation of turning his century into a hundred. In this case, there is only one lead. He is Sir Don Bradman.

But in the second inning he picked up the century exactly. That is the fourth slowest century. He scored 440 points in 3 tests in the series. Average of 73.33 That is the highest of the Indian captains in this series on English soil. But the second in the Indians. Rahul Dravid scored more than his points in England In 2002, England made 602 runs in & # 39; The Wall & # 39 ;. However, Dravid was not the captain of India at that time. Two more tests remain. The speed with which Kohli goes, the captain of India will probably be able to overcome Dravid.

Kohli made his 23rd century in 118 innings. In the fastest time only 3 people have completed 23 centuries. Bradman is also at the top of the list. Then there are Sunil Gavaskar and Steven Smith respectively. Only 59 innings took the 23rd century of Bradman. And Gavaskar & # 39; s 100 and Smith & # 39; s 110 innings.

Kohli first visited England in 2014. He scored 134 runs in 5 Tests with an average of 13.40. Now, before the tour of England, Kohli was reminded by critics in various ways that the statistics are about the statistics. But what the critics knew, it was not 2014. Time has changed. In the four years the water of the Ganges has spread over many waters. The hero of this time Kohli The cricket player, who has been a world cricket, went to England in 2018 to keep his job.


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