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  • Carvalahal-Bell's goal against Gettaf, the lowest number of visitors in Bernabus in 10 years

Sports reporter With the win Real Madrid started the new season of the Spanish La Liga. On Sunday, they started with the full three runs in the season 2018-1919 and lost 2-0 goals to Hotfić. How do Spanish giants start with Cristiano Ronaldo? Can Julien Lopeztechui retain the success of Los Blancos in the next era of Zinedine Zidon? With these questions the fans of the entire football fans had a different sight in the Real-Getef match. True fans are not frustrated Real On the contrary, the start of the Eurasarsara crown was Real Madrid.

Since leaving La Liga in Juventus last month, Cristiano Ronaldo started thinking about Gareth Bale instead of many footballers. That idea is not wrong at all, in the first match it turned out to be the Welsh star. In the 20th minute of the match against Gaitiff Dani Karvahal went first to the hosts. Spanish giants left the field with a 2-0 margin victory in the 51st minute of the second half.

Gareth Bale has made a new goal in this competition. In the last four seasons in the Spanish La Liga he scored the record of goals scored in the first match of Real Madrid. Started in the 2015-16 season. The real match of Real Madrid against Real Betis was the first game of the competition. Bell started the new season with a goal in the game. In the 2016-17 season, Real Sociedad and former defending champion Tottenham Hotspur started the new Real Madrid season in the 2017-18 season against Deportivo La Coruna. The same scenario this time! Real Madrid's first match in La Liga means the goal is to score in Bell. But this time it may be a bit of a shame that the star soccer player joins the beam in exchange for billions of rupee crores, the star soccer player. He scored the second goal of Real Madrid against Gettaf on Sunday. But the goal is the first game of the new season? That's a pleasure for Bell. After winning, Gareth Bell wrote himself: "La Liga is the perfect start to a new season."

Although the hosts won this day, Real Madrid has set an unrivaled record. In Santiago Bernabeu there were only 48, 466 fans who saw the first match of Real-Gett. The record of the lowest audience in Bernabus in the past 10 years! After 10 years the meaning of the rest of the sentence is understandable. In 2009 Cristiano Ronaldo passed a very difficult time before joining the club, Real. There is no success in the field, there is no audience on the gallery. Rival Barcelona is doing its best time. At that time, the situation had turned into a cheetah by Florentino Perez, who was shocked by businessmen. World record estimates After the arrival of Ronaldo, visitor numbers in the Bernabeu gallery began to grow. He was on his way to success. But before the start of the new season, the departure of Ronaldo, he returned all day back to Bernabeu. Really, because Ronaldo does not easily solve the lack of talent like Bell-Benzema or Asenciad, or even think about headlines, it is clear that in the first game of the competition. In the last season of 2008-09 the last remaining chairs in Barnabu were seen. Real-time Servb battled in Barcelona with defeats of five games in a defeat of five games. The viewers of Moe Real see the speed so far in the field decrease.

The giant club of Spain is trying to close the gap in Real Madrid. Florentino Perez still does not expect this problem. He hopes to win the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Brazilian star Neymar. Florentino Perez is willing to spend 300 million euros on it! If you want to leave the PSG at this time, regardless of whether it depends on you. Because the PSG desperately wants to hold Neymar Before the start of the new season, the Brazilian star also announced that he will be in Paris.

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