Legiones did not come much closer to Real

Real Madrid did not understand it, Legenase. The two goals of Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Sirhio Ramos broke the Legness, the disciples of Hulen Lopeztegie.

Santiago Bernabeu won 4-1 goals on Saturday-evening. This is the third consecutive victory in three games of the most successful team of Spain this year.

The real in the field of the ball throws the legnes from the start. Early for Marco Asencio But he could not bring the team forward.

After one attack, real progress continues in the seventeenth minute. Call Ramos cross-bilayana, behind the dani caravan hall. Wells could not prevent the right shots from being taken, but the keeper of the guest could not prevent this.

Bell scored seven goals in La Liga. This is his third goal in the tournament.

Laganese returned in the 24th minute parity. Erasmus receives punishments when casual fosses. Guido Caryo, who came from Southampton, came to the ground to make a successful place. The anointed keeper Thibo Kurtja dives on the other side.

At the beginning of the second half, Benneseema Real started using it again. The French forward, who faked a fake head in the cross of Asener, found out.

The two divisions returned two more times to their grid before they were under control again.

Benzema defeated the goalkeeper in the Conakuni shot of the D-box outside Luca Madrid in the 62nd minute. This is his fourth goal in the tournament.

Asyncio gets Boultona falsely real punishment Increase the gap in the successful spot, Captain Ramos The defender had scored a goal against Jerona. Asencio foiled opponents players in two games in the same way three penalty pellets Real.

Real is nine points out of three victories in three matches, especially Real. Atletico Madrid lost 2-0 and Selta Vigo has reached two numbers for the second time. Their point seven Barcelona has 3 points in two games with six points.


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