LleyarPull lost the palace with two zero goals in the game

Liverpool lost Crystal Palace to two points in its second game of the English Premier League. Liverpool won the match with incredible performances from Mohammad Saleh. Although Salah did not score a goal, Saleh's role was to create two goals.

On Tuesday, Liverpool won the game in the Crystal Palace-field in the Away-game. James Millina scored the penalty in the last half of the first half. This fine, however, comes via Saleh. Sailh receives a penalty in the D-box, after the penalty defender Mamma Sakho gets the lancer.

The second nail of Liverpool also comes at the end of the race in the coffin of the palace. Sadio is the second time in the third minute of the extra time of the extra time, in the waterjal for a second time. Here the hero behind the stage Saleh. Salah's ball gets the ball raised from the ball.

Earlier, in the 75th minute of the game, the team became a team of 10 men. Aaron from Liverpool had to leave the field after seeing a red card for shooting in the Egyptian forward Salehkei.

Crystal Palace was able to create the perfect opportunity to score goals throughout the game. In the first half, the ball of Andros Townsend could not exceed the bar, or the score could be 2-1.

Liverpool defender Vergil DiCoque said at the press conference after the game: "The game was really full of challenges, we knew this would happen, it's not easy to win the game on behalf of the big teams, but we have just like the whole 3 points played ".

And Liverpool manager Jurgel Klope said: "I am not interested in a message to Manchester City or any other team, we just want to win matches that we have today".

Kristall Palace manager Roy Hodgson said: "I think we created a good problem for them, and if the first half could be completed in the first half, the outcome of the match could have been different".

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