Mabia could not take the lead

Vertical Mabia Akhtar border, which has been living in a different world for many days. Especially after winning the gold in the SA Games, he lived in the world of arrogance; That is why his distance with the weightlifting federation was created. Even with the officials. The flag of Bangladesh in the March of the Asian Games was held by Mubia Akter. Even after receiving the respect, the weightlifting competition was unable to do the job.
The winner of the gold in the SA Games, this weightlifting with a weight of up to 180 kg. It did not last yesterday. Snoach and relatives and jark mixed up to 178 kg Snatch first failed to raise 73 kg. In the third attempt, however, 77 kg Kinn and Jar made the second attempt to 101 kg Third, 103 kg could not be lifted. Kim Hyo SIM from North Korea has in this case taken 250 kilos! Hyo SIM from the same country has taken 238 kilograms.
Mabia said of her own performance: & # 39; As much as I have done the result of my personal efforts. The federation has received no help. I have said a lot of advanced training but nobody has ever heard it. There is no effect by practicing in such a short time. The amount that I have taken is entirely my personal work. Even there were no coaches from the federation. & # 39;

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