Male figure near Hotspur home

English Prime Minister
Tottenham won 3-0 in the league game on Monday-evening. Harry Cain to lead the team
Hereafter, Lukas Moore scored two goals. Tottenham coach Mauricio won this first victory in the United field
Pacettino. Three goals are in the second half.

United at home
The beginning was great. The hosts scored the first chance of a goal in 20 seconds. This season
Fred could not keep the shot for the team.

Joined in the fifteenth minute
Romelu Lukaku lost the opportunity to continue Danny Rose is leading the weak pass
Go to Belgium. The runaway goalkeeper delivers Ugo Loris, but it is a difficult angle
He could not send the ball into the empty net.

Attacks per attack
Hosts did not find the address in the silken image long in the 31st minute
Brazilian midfielder Fred At the beginning of the second half try the same outside the D-box
Paul Pogba His shot did not even aim.

Tottenham in the 50th minute
Cain took the lead Assemble with the Kieran Triptier's Corner is more than Phil Jones
The English send forward and jump into the crown.

Likakur in the next minute
Loris failed to make a come It is a good opportunity to return to equality
United continues.

Distance in the 52nd minute
Twice this year the PSG came to Tottenham this season. Christian Ericson Pass
He delivers David de Haya to the scale in Kanakuni's shot.

Interval in the 65th minute
Dele Ali has missed the golden opportunity to grow. Controversial Liedelov & # 39; s bad backpack operation
He did not carry the keeper for the charm he did not wear. Then, from the head to the head
Unprotected Cain could not keep it

Alexis Sanchez
After the transfer took place, the attack speed increased. But Tottenham & # 39; s broken protection
They could not

From every attack
84 minutes into the match Moura took the visitors 3-0. Chris defeats Smalink
A little ahead, the Brazilian midfielder discovered the fake.

Tournament by winning
In the second game of the drawn United Hurle Two points in the point list with three wins
Tottenham was on Liverpool at the top of the goal difference. Chelsea is behind the two teams
And Watford & # 39; s point is 9.

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