Mashrafe asked for blessings on birthday

Today, on October 5, the Happy Birthday from the ODI captain Mashrafe Bin Mortuza of the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, famous for Narail Express, illuminated the womb of his mother in Mohishkhola in the city of Narail on 5 October 1983. The name of his father is Golam Mortuza Swapan. Mother's name Hamida Mortuza Balaka. The older brother of Mashrafe is one of the two brothers.

35 passed Mashrafe 36 years. The young girl known as Mashrafe had known her since childhood as Kaushik. From childhood we had a strange love for cricket. It has been a long time for anyone who forgets to eat and eat all day, the teenager lying on the playground.

Day-replacement captain Mashrafee is not only the most popular player of Bangladesh, but also the people.

Mashrafe said in the phone call with Bangalnews on the occasion of the birthday: "There is no special wish on birthday, let us pray that everyone should be healthy, be good, and you will also pray for me and my family."

Meanwhile Mashrafe & # 39; s son Sahel Mertajar was born on Tuesday. On this day of 2014, Sahel Mashrafe & # 39; s wife Sumna Haque came into the world by illuminating Sumi's shot. Because of the birth of a father and son on the same day, Tiger fans have created many different surprises.

To make the cricket of Bangladesh unique to a height, the Makhrafe must be given to the Mashrafe. So we also loved millions of people. Mashrafe would have to live for hundreds of years Thousands of young cricket players are inspired. Thousands of cricket fans love it

Mashrafe made his debut in the national team of Bangladesh in 2001 through the Test. Since 2009 he has played 36 matches in this format. 78 wickets taken However, he will not return to the test if he does not announce his retirement.

The star that debuted in the same year was the star of the star. He played 196 games of 50 overs in the last Asian Cup final. The first wicketholder from Bangladesh took 250 wickets (up to now, 251) and Mashrafe retired in 2017 in T20, got 42 wickets in 54 games.

Bangladesh time: 0243 hours, 05 October, 018

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