Messi-Quatiano wins first victory in Barcelona –

In the second half of Camp Nou, Barcelona scored 3 goals for 3-0 on Saturday-evening. If the twofold player of the footballer of the year had not appeared in the post, the gap would have been greater.

League of last season and last week won the Spanish Super Cup and beat Barcelona, ​​the guard of honor of Alvases before the game.

There are 11 short goals for Barcelona in the first half. Of which only two goals were Opponents must fight against the opponent.

In the third minute can be scored; But Messi's shot from a difficult angle is a little missed. And in the 38th minute the Argentinian striker's free kick took the crossbar. Gerard went after his return to Peak's head.

In the second half, the goals of Barcelona were held in the second half of the 64th minute. Messi is sent to the ball with a low free kick under the jumping players.

This is the six thousandth goal of the Catalan club of La Liga. In 2009 the five thousandth goal came from Messi's legs.

Two minutes later, Messi received the second goal. But the shot taken by the captain of the Suarez hit the ball again in the post.

In the 83rd minute, the difference was doubled, Kantiuneo transferred. The Brazilian midfielder defeated the goalkeeper in the right foot with a strong foot in the right-footed back-to-back goal.

In the second minute of the match, Messi secured the win in the second minute. Lewis Suarez headed the ball with a high ball in the D-box, cut one by one, scoring his second goal in the bottom half of the left foot.

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