Mithun ready to catch the storm

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Mohammed Mithun, who has been given the chance to show his chance, will be able to run

Sabbir Rahman will not be in the Asia Cup-team due to sanctions. It is now difficult to find people who think that his position will influence the party. If a player does not join the team, the question that always pops up, would he? This question does not at least give the opportunity to stand up as Muhammad Mithun

Mithun, as the newest opener in the ODI team, is seen in the middle order or sometimes in the open air in the domestic cricket. He is expected to be part of the national team six or seven in a new role. That is, in that position Sabbir used to hit with the bat. Mithun also prepares to do the job well.

Mithun told Mithun in his first practice in the Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium: "From the beginning of my career I have always tried to play positively, and even I did not take too much time to fall for the wicket. I try to keep the continuity of the run from the beginning. & # 39;

Mithun has thought about playing this position in the & # 39; A & # 39; team due to his batting form in Ireland. In the third T20, he scored as opener no less than 40 runs of 80 runs. That is why the selectors through the door of the mind could go to the heart of the mind. Who at the end can bring the run capital position to a solid position.

And Mithun has been known since his early days as a crooked batsman, & # 39; Ever since I was used to playing like this from childhood. Maybe I always played new or played with a lot of time, maybe it's time to win time. If you play six or six, you must play at 110-115, 120, 130, strike rate. At a given moment the question about the situation is different. But if I play with such a speed, I think it will be good enough. & # 39; Mithun spoke very confidently.

He does not get the time to get used to the last overs. The batsman who wants to have sufficient self-confidence to know his abilities and limitations, "The person he plays in will probably play a role, I play a different role. I am a very different person. Maybe I can do better than him. I must have self-confidence and the mentality to give the best of me. & # 39;

Previously, Mithun did not get much chance in ODI's. Only 3 games played. He scored 36 points But the new Mithun was seen in the new line of batting line-up.

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