Neymar's victory over Cavani's return

Neymar Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) started the new season in the French competition. On Saturday (August 25), Neymaras won 3-1 goals against the Angres. And in this match, they won three games in their league game.

So far, with all nine victories in all matches, the top of the ranking has also been determined by Thomas Touchel's own team.

Edinson Cavani returns to the team Uruguayan striker also has the goal. The remaining two goals came from the legs of Kylian Mbabpe and Neymar. The three stars of the team played an important role in winning the team this time.

Cavanni kept the injury out of the field for a long time. After returning from the injury, he returned with Saturday's game. And he got the goal shortly after In the 12th minute of the match against the Angars, the goal was scored by the team, Kaavani forwarded the team. However, in the 21st minute of the match in the penalty shot made by Thomas Manjani, touring ambassador Angars.

After the break, the host became increasingly shaky PSG's French star Kylian Mbabpe scored in the 51st minute of the second half. Brazilian star Neymar scored the goal in the 66th minute. This goal also helped Abba PSG with a huge margin of 3-1 goals.

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