On whose forehead did Ronaldo leave the number seven jersey?

(Priyakama) Cristiano Ronaldo has taken the number seven rankings of Real Madrid for the last eight years. But last month we left Santiago Bernabeu and CR Seven a new address in Juventus. Real Madrid & # 39; s No. 7 Messi, however, will love Ronaldo, it will be a speculation imagination.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Santiago Bernabeu in 2009. Previously, the seventh member of Manchester United was CR Seven. But even after getting Real Seven a year waiting for the Portuguese Superstar. Because, in the time that Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez was in possession of the number seven. That's why Ronaldo could wear the number seven jersey he expected after a year.

The story behind it is only history. Ronaldo took charge of the top scorer of the Real Madrid club as the representative of the number seven jersey. Balloon d & # 39; Or wins the number of votes of one! He has made an unforgettable contribution to winning 16 trophies in the Real Madrid jersey. Not only that, Ronaldo is ranked among the world's best selling jerseys, while Real 7 is also Jersey.

But now the famous 7th jersey players are not really Madrid! Yes, the Giants Club in Spain floats in suspicion so that Cristiano Ronaldo could not close the gap. Who will be the new representative of the number seven jersey? According to football players there are now two ways for Real.

First send the number seven jersey to the rest for the 2018-19 season. In the upcoming season, choosing star contests such as Neymar, Kylian Mbabpay or Aden Hazard will give them one of the seven numbers of jerseys. Because Neymar-Ambap has already announced its decision. The Paris club will be there. There is a lot of doubt about whether Hazard Chelsea will leave this year.

Secondly, someone who is in charge of the team will be number seven! In this case, the Spanish newspaper AS number 7 is considered a favorite for Marksco Escenio. Fascinating club authorities in the recent version of the Real Madrid midfielder

In addition, Vincius Junior is also planning for Real Madrid. Only 18 years old is the Brazilian star. Last month he joined Santiago Bernabeu. He still has no debut in the jersey of Real Madrid. But Real Madrid will give the number seven jersey of this young Brazilian striker, but wait a little longer.

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