One day the failure of the shooters in Asian Games

August 20, 13, 13:47 Updated: August 20, 2018, 13:50

The rest of the Bengal archer Abdullah Hell did not succeed in shooting with a 10 meter airgun in Asian Games. Photo: collected

The day before, Bangladesh's footballers have achieved success in history. For the first time in the last sixteen years of the game, a red-green game has arisen. When the whole country was happy with this success of footballers, there was only a disappointing news. In the Commonwealth Games, off-spinner Abdullah Hahal was removed from the rest of the qualifying round.

On the second day of the Games on Monday, in Indonesia, Indonesia, the remaining 618.4 in boys scored 10 meters of Air Rifle 19 out of 44 people.

Another shooter Risalatul Islam was 29. His score is 614.3

Girls could not do well right now. Umm Zakia Sultana in the Qualifying Round of girls 10 meters air rifle round out 46 of the 46 people. His score is 612.6. And Sharmin Akhtar Ratna scored 349 in 609 decimal 7.

Meanwhile, the girls in Bangladesh lost their second match in Kabaddi to Iran. This match lost 47-19 points. Previously, they lost to the Chinese Taipei in the first game. So the chances of winning a ladies medal are almost over.

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