PSM wins by Neymar-Embaap

PSG won the league game on Saturday with 3-1 goals. Neymar returned to the goal and returned to Neymar team equality. And at the end the atmosphere of the duo was won by the players who left the field.

In the light of attack attacks and scenario, the start of the race is quite frustrating. In the first 15 minutes, PSG got a significant chance twice and Gongbo.

In the fifth minute, Anheel The Maria's strong shot went slightly over the bar. PSG survived the life of Jean-Louis Buffey halfway through the fourth minute. The striker of French striker Nolan jumped with one hand to the Italian goalkeeper. In the next minute, the back-to-back host of Argentinian midfielder The Marier is the keeper of the host.

Gongbo continued in the 20th minute. Coco, the left-tailing Francin Dagba, could not stop the ball just outside the D-box. The French striker Nolan sent the ball to the right foot and shot at the first touch with his small pass.

Five minutes later, the ball was sent by midfielder Nicholas French, the midfielder. But the gap did not increase; When he saw the video again, Fawl & # 39; s flute referee accused Nabolas of pushing the referee.

The PSG could score goals in the first minute after the break. But the keeper only misses another chance by grabbing the chance.

Finally, the last time that Neymar's successful place came back at the last minute with the Champions champions. The Brazilian striker also received a penalty when they were wrong in the D-box.

Neymar scored the goal in the 3-0 victory over Kook last week.

Goalbanchede Maria again in the 79th minute. On the corner of the corner of Neymar, the Flick Post of the Argentinian Winger was barred.

In the second half, the transition to the beginning of the second half continued in the 82nd minute of the MBASP. The Maria-elongated ball dipped in the right football and defeated the goalkeeper in the French World Cup-winning forward.

In the 90th minute, Neymar pushed the ball into the ball and quickly got the dip in the box and found the address on the chip guardian, [1 9659002] PSG points in two games in two games are 6.

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