Real Laid in La Liga

In the UEFA Super Cup, Harley La Laiga won the season by winning the Real Madrid season. Real Madrid defeated Gettaf 2-0 in Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday. Garyth Bell scored the goal for the team and scored the winning goal at the end.

Atletico Madrid got the first victory in the Super League under Hara Real Madrid coach Lope Gade.

The hosts were attacked quite often since the start of the game. They were given the opportunity to enlarge the gap in the 16th minute. Belle's head on the cross of Marcelo is lost. Four minutes later the goal of Dani Carvalhal continued to Real Madrid. Guests did not return equality in the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, the difference was doubled by Real. In the 51st Missini sent to the ball address sent by Marco Asencio. Goeteep keeper can prevent the goal. But he failed to make that effort. Two minutes later Real got the chance. But Asansio's shot missed the goal of the post.

(Dhaka Times / 20th date / HA)

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