Ronaldo & # 39; s number 7 jerseymysterie

Worn shirt number 28 already at a very young age. Never 9, sometimes also jersey number 17, Ronaldo has seen Now Ronaldo means the number seven jersey. Real Madrid left Joventes, but Ronaldo did not leave the number seven jersey. Why does Ronaldo wear the number seven jersey? Sir Alex Ferguson stands behind Ronaldo's number seven jersey. He advised the Portuguese guru to wear the number seven jersey. Ronaldo wears the first seven-digit jersey after he came to Manchester United in 2004.

Ferguson felt that Ronaldo would play better, even after playing number 7. All footballers who spread the legend of the game in Man U, the number of jerseys was seven.

Ronaldo wanted to play after number 28 after Man came to the United States. But Fergie did not let him carry it. Previously, this jersey was played by players like David Beckham, George Best and Eric Kantoura.

After he had come to Rialale, Ronaldo played on jersey No. 9. That was number seven Raul. After he left the club, Ronaldo returned to number seven. Portugal played 17 days after a while. Then the number meant seven Luis Figo. After his retirement Ronaldo started wearing the number seven sweater. Ronaldo joins Juventus after World Cup There were seven numbers in Qudadero & # 39; s possession. Quadrado himself gave Ronaldo the number seven jersey.

(DhakaTimes / August 25 / DH)

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