Ronaldo misses Bell, easy victory over Real

The Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been the star of Real Madrid for the past nine years. But in the beginning of this season, Ronaldo Real, Juventus, left the Spanish club invalid. Everyone had the same question, who would fill the vacuum of Ronaldo?

Without the exception of Ronaldo, the UEFA Super Cup went down against Real Real in the first league match 4-2. The rest was played in the non-Spanish Ronaldo game in La Liga. But La Liga made no mistakes, the disciples of Hulen Lopezguyi ​​made no mistakes. The domestic season has started with the easy victory against Gautif.

The Portuguese superstar Gareth Bell did not understand the lack of the Prince of Wales. He scored one goal, helped one of the teammates. Real Madrid also got 2-0 goals. There is a lot of peace in the home field and the real eye of the coach is seen.

The hosts dominated the start of the race in Santiago Bernabeu from the start. The first opportunity to move forward in the 16th minute is to go back to Bell's head crossbar. Negative Really

Instead they get 20 minutes in the match, their first goal in the season. The goal of a teammate in the D-box is to get the ball from the bar to get the ball. If the goalkeeper clears it in the initial phase, the return force receives the dummy caravan. This Spanish defender gives the team a head start in the finish of the cold head.

If there is no goal in the first half, Real can break the lead of 1 goal. The second goal was in the 51st minute of the game. This time the hero plays great in the entire game. The keeper of Goetheer easily beats the pass from Asencier. Real Madrid hopes to win the 34th league title, with Real Madrid, Real Madrid.


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