Ronaldo Real Real Viglo

Although Ronaldinho did not know what to do in the season, Real Madrid said it was different, but the visitors told something else. Ten years ago Santiago Bernabeu was almost half empty! At one point, the viewers attended 48,000 466 people attending the Sunday in Bernabus, who had more than 81 thousand seats.

The last time it happened when Ronaldo did not arrive at Rael. Real Madrid, who sat at the bottom of the circle, was depressed. It was so humbling that the Spanish Pep Guardiola was startled from the huge margins of Barcelona in the classics. The game was reduced to 6-2 goals. From that moment on, the viewers turned away from the match in Real Madrid.

After such a change, after the change in the return of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo had changed the address. After that pace the World Record Fifty was signed by the Portuguese star. After his arrival in June 2009, Los Blancosara laughed at all sides. And now, after the departure of Ronaldo in Juventus, the situation goes a little bit with the real opening match of La Liga!

Gareth Bale, who won a great victory against Gautafé, but never anyone like Ronaldo has shown that he has a flamboyant appearance like Real Madrid. Whether it concerns Ronaldo's option on paper, he also requires discussion. Ronaldo scored 450 goals in 438 games for Spanish giants. Although coach LaPetegi has to rely on Marco Asconio, Karim Benzema and Bell! I look forward to seeing that they can drag the viewer into the field.

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