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Sylhet district stadium full of view on the corner.

Host Bangladesh has started a good start in the inaugural match of Bangabandhu Gold Cup in Laos. Jamie Do's team won the victory at the Sylhet District Stadium on Monday by winning the count of hosts from the crowd. Midfielder Bipulu Ahmed scored the only goal.

The first half of the game was non-goal. The red-green party destroyed one chance after the other. Mahbubur Rahman Suifil, Nabib Newaz Jibanera evokes the frustration of thousands of supporters who came to the shotguns at the target. The goalkeeper's attraction is before the ball gets the ball over the tip of the tip in the second minute.

Another great chance of Bangladesh was lost in the 22nd minute. Rabiul Hassan could not have touched properly from the right side. In the 29th minute the bullet lifted the length of the ball and took control of the attack of the right hand. But the goalkeeper did not get the momentum to process the weak picture of this forward. Goalkeeper Ashraful Islam Rana put an attack on Laos in the 36th minute.

On the crossbar in the 49th minute of the second half, on the crossbar of the forward suhphil photo, the head of the 54th minute also lowered the crossbar. Bangladesh continued with the team's goal in the 59th minute. After he has wounded the head-keeper of life, the crossbar returns. Then, after taking a shot from the defender's danger, the ball goes to the right foot and goes to the left side of the opponent; The midfielder shot on the goalkeeper caught on the post with a nearby poster and the gallery was burned at the festival.

This is Bangladesh's first victory against Laos. Previously, Laos won one of the two victories and the other was drawn. Bangladesh faces Friday with Philippines in their last match in Group B.

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